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Caverta 100 Sildenafil Tablets 100 mg (For Harder And Faster Erection)


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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual weakness in the form of flaccid penis even in times of love making. Less blood flow resulting in limp manhood is the essential feature of ED. Blood flow to penis gets lessened because its muscles stay stressed. This stress is caused by the absence of nitric oxide in corpora cavernosa muscles of the phallus.
How does Tiger King 100combat ED?
Caverta 100 sex tablet for men contains sildenafil citrate as its chief constituent. Sildenafil is known to relax muscles especially of the genital area through formation of nitric oxide. Once relaxed, blood rushes in these vessels making your manhood big and strong. Erection remains till the end of ejaculation. This medicine not only makes your phallus hard and strong but also relaxes the entire pubic region making sex more ecstatic and fulfilling.
Is there any secondary cause behind ED?
ED might be caused because of several reasons, most of which are closely associated with life style. A few such ailments are obesity, worries, stress, lack of sleep and rest, unhealthy eating habits, environment pollution, excessive work pressure, unregulated life style are causes of sexual debility, lethargy, loss of energy, and lack of enthusiasm.
Pack of 4 tablets x 2

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